Innofil3D BV a spinoff from Applied Polymer Innovations BV (API, now Senbis) and has been manufacturing filaments since 2012. We are experts in analysis, development and shaping of polymers since more than 25 years. Due to this research background we are able to manufacture high quality filaments and present ISO data regarding mechanical properties of our 3D-printing filaments. We offer a broad product portfolio and focus on engineering materials which offer a solution for the industry. Our drive is to realize the perfect filament for 3D printing applications.

Our application driven development strategy is one of the reasons to sponsor the Fuze project. We have a long history with Zuyd Hogeschool and their request to participate came at the perfect time. We had just developed a new filament called PRO1. This special PLA compound offers increased mechanical properties and prints even easier than PLA. After evaluating the mechanical data, project manager Rob van Loevezijn had the great idea to print the functional body of the car with PRO1. This was a great opportunity to support the students to develop their skills and also proof the outstanding performance of our PRO1 filament.